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Live hill

We're moravian family winemakers. On begin in 2006, we started with cultivation of grapes in old wineyards, path of spontanous fermentation and authentic mindset. Gradually, we started to have organic pose to old grapevines and supplement biodynamic philosophy.

We are cultivating nearly 4 hectares of wineyards, which some are 84 years old. We plant original varieties of vineyards on limestone subsoil. We are trying to work with grapes that way, we finally bottled wine, which is live and not "raped" by any additives. A great challenge is for us working with barrels, long-time maceration on skins and naturally sparkling stuff (pét-nats, classic parkling wines).

We're trying to find authentic ways. Not only the new ways but also ways which were beaten by our ancestors down and those ways were covered and forgotten in today's consumer lifestyle. "Live wine" could be one of these ways.


We can accommodate you in 6 double rooms or four-bed rooms.

There is possibility of meals in restaurant on the ground floor of the Guest-house.

Farmer in city

We are going once a month to Prague.



Mgr. Petr Koráb
wine cellars Tihelňa +420 739 089 104
Boleradice 391, 69112 petr@zivahora.cz
Moravia - Czech republic ... we're on Facebook
IČ: 66618118 | DIČ: CZ7509234051 ... how you get there
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